A complete overhaul of America’s authority on the conservative party.

American Conservative Union is considered the authority on what it means to be a conservative. They produce videos, articles, and tools to help educate the Republican party. As the Republican party has grown and evolved with the changing political landscape, their digital presence has not. Zaengle worked closely with ACU to develop their website in an effort to continue to be the source of “truth” for so many people.

( I do not share the views of ACU. This was a project done for and while I was at Zaengle. )


CTO Zaengle - Phillip Zaengle

CEO Zaengle - Jason Vanlue

Creative and Art Direction - Colin Wilson

Design - Colin Wilson

Front End - Geoff Hensley

Back End - Jesse Schutte and Owen Zaengle

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What does it mean to be Conservative?

One of the biggest challenges was communicating what “conservative” means. We worked with their team to boil it down into simple and bite sized steps. Then, we built out a simple belief statement page to easily communicate where ACU stands on various topics. The goal was to be bite sized and easy to digest.

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Finding your way in today’s political landscape.

So many conservatives use ACU’s writings as their starting point. With so much content and so many different topics, we focused on helping the audience find the topic they care about most with the search function.

After searching for your topic, the page filters all content tagged with that word, including videos and articles.

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