CashFit is based on research that says people need to be penalized to be motivated to exercise. Tied to employers, people receive pay docs for not meeting their minimum weekly goals. 


The challenge was to create an app targeted at the average corporate workers. The main target audience was 35 - 45 men and women working in a corporate setting. Employers who have a healthy workforce have less costs. 


Based on the research on what motivates people to exercise, we utilized negative motivation to serve as the key to pushing people to consistently run. Based on three different categories, individuals are penalized each week for not meeting their minimum weekly goals.

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The first screens walk the user through science and process, as well as introducing CashFit.


It was crucial that the process to sign up was easy. To ease the process, we created a platform to take two photos of your credit card to ease the users time to sign up.


At the start of each week, the app reminds the user to set the weeks goals. It also talks through last weeks misses and how much the user was penalized.