Seed Company is all about Bible translation that leads to life transformation. Their mission is to translate the Bible into all languages by 2025.



Creative & Art DirectorColin Wilson

Designer: Elisabeth Wilson

Photographers: Esther Havens & Walt Mannis

Writing Director: Jim Killam

Writers: Lincoln Brunner, Barbara Coots, Kim Farr

Videographer: Jacob Branch


About the Brand

The ministry world is filled with busy visuals, overly complicated messaging, and a lack of strategy. Our goal with the Seed Company brand was to eliminate the visual noise and focus on the tagline; Bible translation. Life transformation. We did this by utilizing people's testimonies of how Scripture has impacted them and their communities and removing Seed Company's presence. This was in hopes to connect our audience directly to the people impacted by Seed Company's work.




Building Graphics

Our building is designed in a large square. Conceptually, we overlaid a map on top of it and this drove our meeting names and hallway names. We have an Africa, Asia, and Americas corridor. Along with naming our meeting rooms and hallways, we highlight stories from each of these regions on the walls. We tell the stories with a mixture of quotes and longer stories for visitors to learn more about the impact and strategies of Bible translation.


Seed Company Overview

Brands have the tremendous social power by developing a larger collective voice that spreads easily across a large audience, and it should be carefully considered how to use it. Partnerships are incredibly important to furthering the Seed Company mission. Partners like If:Gathering, Catalyst Conference, and Passion Conferences are instrumental to positioning Seed Company in front of other passionate believers. The biggest hurdle we face is educating people about the need for Bible translation. Below is our overview video used at conferences and online.