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I'm a creative director and designer in Dallas, Texas. I help companies tell stories and believe that design can help make the world a better place.

Originally from Oklahoma, I've been living in Texas the past four years with my beautiful wife and happy baby boy.

I’m currently a senior web designer at Tide Laundry Services.


My day starts at 9 am after copious amounts of coffee and breakfast food. My best deep work times are 11 - 6 with a steady stream of caffeine to keep me “locked in”. As a 7w8, the best days are when I get to connect with amazing people.

In the 4th grade I learned about the power of imitation and creativity when I forged my parents’ signature to get out of doing homework.

This, coincidentally, is also when I learned about consequences after I was held back in 4th grade for forging my parents signatures. Both of these lessons have stuck with me.

I've had a great time traveling the world. One time, I hung out with the San Tribe from “The Gods Must be Crazy” in Botswana and Namibia. In 2017, I was in the largest earthquake to ever hit Mexico. And, I've spent a lot of time with deaf communities in Haiti and Eastern Europe.

On the weekends, I can be found hanging out with my family and flying airplanes. My favorite pizza is the chicken pesto pizza at Scallini’s here in Dallas.

Currently, I am working as a senior product designer at Tide Laundry working on some pretty dope stuff. I also run a small studio called Tell Creative working with some awesome clients to help tell their stories through design and illustration.




Road Map Development

Creative Direction

Art Direction



Product Design

UI/UX Design




Tide Laundry

Stripes Agency

Zaengle Corporation

Dreamers of Day

Gabriel Standard

Human Coalition

Seed Company


International Justice Mission

Catalyst Conference


What I Believe


I believe in myself.

I believe in passion.

I believe in the process.

I believe in knolling.

I believe in hard work.

I believe in rest.

I believe we need to make the world a better place.

I believe in empathy and love.

I believe in giving more than receiving.

I believe in you.


Insights Over Ideas

Solutions only come from copious amounts of research to gain key insights to the problem. 

Serendipity Moments

Research and insights lead to the ability to connect dots between two seemingly un-related things. This is where creative brilliance happens.

Results Driven

It’s important to make sure the solution solves the problem. Design is art if it doesn’t solve problems for a user. 

Professional Discipline

Solving problems comes through lots of research and iteration. This only happens through hard work.